• Conducting corporate internal investigations discreetly and expeditiously

    Our experience includes investigations into allegations of bribery, corruption, sexual harassment, mismanagement and other breaches of corporate policies and procedures
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  • Comprehensive methodology designed to test completeness of reported revenue streams

    Our experience has proven that assignments of this nature not only assists our clients to recover additional revenues, but also assists our clients’ in improving effective contract compliance in the future
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  • Assisting management in assessing their current internal control environment

    We have formulated a comprehensive internal control matrix benchmark against which we evaluate our clients’ existing transactions processes and controls
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  • We offer the broad spectrum of litigation support services

    We assist our clients in analysing and identifying the core dispute areas and interpreting financial information relevant to the dispute
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  • We work with our clients throughout the alternative dispute process

    Our experience includes assisting with alternative dispute resolution processes adopted in accordance with the arbitration legislation relevant in the UK and Sweden
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  • Specialist accounting consulting services to assist management in performing ad hoc projects

    Our experience includes assisting clients in preparing audit working files and in preparing information to be submitted to regulatory bodies
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  • Investigating allegations of fraud, theft and other commercial crimes

    Formulating key internal control procedure recommendations, designed to improve the control environment and to reduce the risk of further irregularities and/or errors
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Fides Financial Advisory was established in 2007 to provide specialised forensic accounting and investigative services to clients who require hands-on, timely delivery of value added, innovative and cost effective solutions.

In executing our services, we develop responsive investigation plans and practical solutions to competently address our client’s challenges. In doing so, we implement a multi-disciplinary approach and utilise a range of independent professional consultants from diverse disciplines to assist us in fulfilling our mandate objectives, where appropriate. These include forensic technology experts, property and equipment valuers, wealth managers, fiduciary experts, tax experts, actuaries, asset tracers, legal experts and data capturers.

Our streamlined multi-disciplined approach allows us to produce deliverables of the highest quality, which is often evidenced in our client feedback. For instance, in a recent international arbitration matter seated in London, to which we acted as assistant to the expert witness, the Arbitrator described the expert report as “exceptionally well researched and well presented ..... based on up to date market benchmarking.... highly professional”. 


Economic crime globally is rife and frauds are becoming more complex and increasingly involve larger sums of money. The investigation of commercial crimes requires specialised skills and a thorough understanding of the disciplinary, criminal justice and other legal processes.

To complement our technical accounting solutions, we employ specialist subcontractors and work closely with our client’s appointed legal advisors. Working collaboratively, we challenge our investigative approach to ensure that innovative, effective solutions are found to best achieve our client’s objectives.


We are a small yet effective consulting firm whose main purpose is to assist our clients within the dispute advisory and forensic accounting market. Before commencing any assignment, we design bespoke and effective investigation strategies and work plans, which are formulated in a collaborative approach to ensure that legal, business and other identified risks are addressed in the most effective way possible.

We ensure that we provide robust reports to assist in bringing clarity and comprehension to the issues in dispute and to investigative matters.


During the past ten years, during which we have been actively involved within the forensic industry, we have had many satisfied clients, which span small scale sole proprietors, individuals, to larger listed corporates. We attribute our success to our commitment to performance excellence. We approach each assignment enthusiastically.

We ensure that we remain knowledgeable of the latest developments within our industry, so that we can provide our clients with relevant advice and assist them to make the best choices.